Our Value Proposition

Advancing Industrial Production Through Automation is our purpose at Loman Control Systems.  Our high level of experience, wide range of capabilities, and core company values are why our clients choose us for systems integration solutions.

Our team has compiled a list of the main reasons why Loman is a trusted control systems integrator for a variety of services, projects, and vertical industries.

Loman’s Value Proposition

Over 25 Years of Experience
Clients will feel secure knowing that we are a company that’s been around since 1991 and will be around to serve them for years to come. We have substantial experience and a proven formula for success. Read more.

Industry Expertise
We understand that each industry is unique and can require different solutions; however, we utilize knowledge gathered from all vertical industries to improve in our problem-solving process. This approach allows our clients to reap the benefits associated with advanced technology and deep industry experience. Read more.

CSIA Certified
We subscribe to the Best Practices of the CSIA (Control Systems Integrators Association), the only systems integration industry trade association. The Best Practices have been proven and refined over the last 20 years. Our CSIA certification provides Loman with credibility, consistency, and professionalism, which helps ensure a positive and helpful client experience.
Learn more about Loman’s involvement in the CSIA.

ISA Certified Automation Professional (CAP)
With a CAP in a high-level engineering position, Loman provides improved professional guidance in both project management and project execution.

An Automation Solutions Consultant
Loman has multiple team members whose primary roles are to create “out of the box” automation solutions for difficult and inefficient manufacturing environments. We solve clients’ challenging production problems by employing modern process control systems and data management.

Our clients tell us that our sense of urgency is something that they greatly value in our relationship. Responsiveness is critical for industries in which downtime can result in large and unnecessary costs.

IoT and Smart Factory

Creating digital, data-driven “smart factories” for our clients increases their productivity & profitability, improves machine & personnel safety, enables predictive maintenance, and allows data to be visible from inside the plant (on mobile & fixed monitors) and from outside the plant (from anywhere in the world). IoT + Smart People = SMART FACTORIES.

Affordable Machine Safety
Equipment in older manufacturing plants may not comply with current safety protocols, putting workers at risk. Updating equipment for safety can be expensive, so Loman provides solutions that can accommodate our clients’ budgets.

In-House UL508A Panel Shop
Our UL-listed panel shop for industrial control panels provides a source for our clients who need this listing for their applications, most commonly panels for use in public applications. Most private industries do not require it, but we make it available.

Legacy Equipment Modernization
Loman has expertise working with hardware and software from the 1980’s to today, which enables us to be very proficient at system modernization projects. This proficiency allows our clients to upgrade to the latest technology and be confident that the functionality of the old system can be replicated with the added benefits of current technology. A key part of this is communication between devices and systems.

Bridging IT and OT
The connection between Information Technology (IT) and the plant floor is essential; however, the two are often separated. The plant floor, in which Operations Technology (OT) is applied to manufacture a product, is completely different than IT. For this reason, Loman builds the bridge to span the chasm between them so that information can flow in both directions – from the plant to the enterprise level and vice versa. This boosts productivity, and ultimately increases profit.