CSIA certifiedWhat is the CSIA?
The Control Systems Integrators Association (CSIA) is a not-for-profit global trade organization for control systems integrators that are dedicated to advancing the industry of control systems integration.

The CSIA strives to allow industries to achieve low-risk, safe, and successful automation technology applications through the improvement of business practices, skills, and management. The CSIA offers certification and membership to a control systems integrator who demonstrates outstanding business and management practices and technical proficiency.

Why is CSIA certification significant?
A CSIA certification is a distinction of excellence for a control system integrator who has met the standards and criteria as defined by the CSIA Best Practices and Benchmarks manual. In order to meet the criteria, applicants undergo audits by the CSIA which includes review 79 of the manual’s most essential guidelines pertaining to general management, human resources management, marketing and business development, financial management, project management, quality assurance, disaster recovery plans, and more. Only 100 companies worldwide have achieved CSIA certified status.

What it means to clients
For industrial clients, choosing a certified control system integrator means they are choosing CSIA Best Practices for their business. Preparing for and successfully completing the audit is no easy feat, but the result is improved business operations and marketing advantages. The CSIA certification is the foundation upon which system integration expertise and experience is based.

Loman Control Systems, Inc. and the CSIA
Loman Control Systems, Inc. is founding member of the CSIA and is highly active in the association today. Loman’s CEO, Robert Lowe, served on the Best Practices and Benchmarks Committee for eight years, assisted in the design of the CSIA audit, and authored sections of the Best Practices manual. He also served as the CSIA’s Executive Director from 2009-2015.

For clients looking to partner with a CSIA certified member, look no further than Loman. We know what it means to be committed to excellence and to meet the highest standards of control systems integration business and management.

To learn more about Loman’s involvement in the Control Systems Integrators Association, visit our profile on the CSIA’s Industrial Automation Exchange.  We’ve also provided some downloadable CSIA literature with additional information available:


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