Fujitsu and Loman Work Together to Design Functioning Virtual Factory Model

To better demonstrate how digital technology and interconnectivity of workers, machines, and assets can significantly improve productivity, Fujitsu America wanted to create a virtual factory model. With the trend moving from mass production to mass customization, the virtual factory model would exhibit the production of individually configured units and show how the ordering process can be digitized across many systems.

To accurately reflect what would occur on an actual plant floor, Fujitsu worked with Loman Control Systems. The team at Loman designed the electrical control system, as well as wrote the program for this virtual factory model. Loman’s work enabled the model to function in concert with the SAP enterprise software developed by Fujitsu.

The model was displayed at SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando, FL, the World’s Top SAP Event during 2016.

To learn more about Fujitsu’s Factory Model, watch the video below.