Fujitsu Factory and IoT Model and Demonstration

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Fujitsu’s SAP Manufacturing Integration & Intelligence allows connection and data collection on production lines and a variety of field devices including PLC, DCS, SCADA, inspection equipment, ERP, and other key systems simultaneously. By analyzing and visualizing various data at the manufacturing site, we are able to support optimal decision-making.

To accurately reflect what would occur on an actual plant floor, Fujitsu worked with Loman Control Systems. The team at Loman designed the electrical control system, as well as wrote the program for this virtual factory model. Loman’s work enabled the model to function in concert with the SAP enterprise software developed by Fujitsu.

In the video below, which was created by Fujitsu, is a demonstration of this factory model. Audio is in Japanese; however, if you’d like to know more, contact us or call 717-627-2820