Loman Control Systems: A Commitment to Responsiveness

How important is responsiveness and a sense of urgency when choosing a control systems integrator?

With the strobe lights flashing and horns blaring, immediate action is required by machine operators. In our fast-paced facilities, with thousands or even millions of dollars wasted each day due to unexpected downtime, we create high expectations for our operators and maintenance to quickly clear jams and restart the machine. But what about our Control System Engineers? Do they exemplify a sense of urgency?

Here at Loman Control Systems, we understand the critical downtime issues your manufacturing managers face. That is why we provide 24/7 Technical Services to ensure you have support around the clock.

But our commitment to responsiveness goes beyond the Emergency needs. We are committed to caring for each client in creating new innovative solutions with the latest available technologies. As we service the wide spectrum of industries, we are constantly striving to help your plant reduce costly downtime and stressful bottlenecks. Since no two jobs are alike, our sense of urgency to meet schedule deadlines, keep all project participants informed, and design creative machine controls becomes top priority.

While recently working at a local Food Manufacturing Facility, my task of integrating Japanese controls with an Out-of-State American Control System required many program changes while running production. Our commitment to our client’s needs resulted in several long days, and an early morning to monitor the startup. While meeting other client responsibilities, an unexpected problem arose. I could lean on the Loman Management Team to successfully pass on this task within a matter of minutes. Thus, causing little downtime, this line is running with much success!

In filtering through endless technological advances and options, we become your trusted adviser in creating safe and reliable automated solutions for faster production and throughput. This responsibility rests on the shoulders of our Control System programmers and designers as we partner with you to meet your control system needs.

Our commitment to responsiveness is a commitment to caring for you.

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Article by:

Jeff Meyers, Control Systems Engineer